Canada Citizenship Lawyer for Days of Residency Issues

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada have become far more proactive in verifying and enforcing the days of residency rules for permanent residents which are required to both obtain citizenship and even maintain permanent residence status. Some permanent residents will be flagged for insufficient days when reentering Canada after a trip abroad, whereas others will be flagged at the time Citizenship is applied for. 

Even though you may have a permanent residency card with years left prior to expiry, that card could be revoked and a departure order issued against you, because of it being impossible to fulfill the residency requirements in the remaining months and years you have on the cards. 

At the time you apply for citizenship might be sent a days of residency questionnaire if there is any doubt in the minds of IRCC over whether you've met the number of days in Canada cut off. IRCC might even demand to see proof of travel documents including airline tickets to prove the periods of when you left and returned to Canada. While Canada keeps entry records, Canada maintains no comprehensive exit records. And even entry records can be deficient. You must be very careful when filling out the residency questionnaire as even the smallest gap in information may be fatal to the success of your citizenship application.

It's possible to appeal IRCC claims of failure to meet the residency requirements to the Immigration Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board. Even if you were deficient on your days in Canada, you may stand a chance making a Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds claim to the IRCC depending on your personal circumstances.