Don’t risk being refused Entry to Canada: AN ETA lawyer ONLINE QUICK CONSULT Can Help you Get it Right the First Time

Electronic Travel Authorizations (eTAs) might initially seem inconsequential, but really they are mini-Visas now required of nationals of about 50 countries who used to only need a valid passport to board a flight for Canada. Instead of the previously rare odds of being questioned upon arrival about minor criminal infractions of long ago or current medical conditions, now millions of visitors every year will be asked these questions.

We offer quick Internet-based consults on eTA problems with overseas clients. They're "quick" because they're offered at a lower fee than our normal consultations as they involve less of our lawyer time due to being solely focussed on eTA answers. The fee is $150 Canadian, no tax if you are outside Canada. You can contact us with the contact form below or by email to

All consultations are conducted by licensed and insured qualified Canadian lawyers, not by law clerks, and we may be able to provide you with same day service depending on our respective schedules. We'll send you details on how to pay electronically by Visa or Mastercard.

You should clearly set out when contacting us for an eTA Quick Consult:

  • which eTA questions are causing you concern prior to your answering them;

  • if you have received a request for more information from the Government of Canada in response to an eTA you have already submitted, and what information is being requested;

  • if you have received a negative response on an eTA application from the Government of Canada, what specific problems the Government raised with you.

We'll give you official legal advice on how to best interpret the eTA questions according to Canadian law, and what your response options are depending on what the Government of Canada has said to you and the facts of your personal situation. Should you later have additional eTA or other immigration to Canada problems, you'll be able to tell and prove to the government that you obtained legal advice prior to answering. 

Beyond the Quick Consult, should you wish we can help you solve more serious immigration to Canada challenges, like claims of criminal or medical inadmissibility which might arise from your eTA answers.