Fee Transparency

The firm prides itself on fee transparency. We know the last thing clients want is to be surprised by a statement of account. We only charge flat block fees for our work because we believe they give the best value and certainty to clients.

You'll receive a fee quote shortly after you contact us once we understand the scope of work you require. You won't pay any supplemental costs for us travelling to any hearing in Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto (the Eastern Canada hearing locations). Our offices are conveniently located between those three cities. Western Canada hearings can be accommodated.


The fees you pay us are deposited into our trust account, and are held in trust for you until we complete sufficient work on your file to issue you an interim billing. The trust account is regulated and audited by the Law Society of Ontario, and insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation. You only pay in Canadian dollars, which usually has a significant price advantage for overseas applicants over U.S. dollars. 


We accept E-Money Transfers, Wire Transfers, Bank Drafts, Visa, MasterCard, Cash, and for ongoing clients personal/business cheques. Due to Law Society of Ontario regulations we unfortunately can't accept PayPal. 


Our fees are all highly competitive based on value of services. Price is directly related to volume and complexity of work. Not all immigration law fee quotes from different firms are created equally.

Ultimately, what lawyers sell is highly skilled time applied to assist in your unique situation based on their decades of training and experience. An extremely low fee quote may mean that you are buying very little lawyer time to assist you, such that the unique challenges of your case might not be able to be adequately addressed within the time you have purchased. 

By comparison, our fees quotes are the lowest reasonably possible to fully address in our assessment each unique challenge in your case so as to maximize your prospects of immigration or citizenship success.

In considering whether to hire anyone to assist you and who to hire, ask yourself:

1. Is the price of failure much higher that the legal fees? 

2. Are you able to keep track of the Canadian immigration process being in a constant state of flux, with programs and forms constantly being created, cancelled and reformed? 

3. Are you prepared to argue your own case, taking into account the complex rules of evidence and procedure, in front of the Immigration & Refugee Board or Federal Court? 


Fees are plus disbursements and plus tax if applicant is inside Canada. Some situations may merit lower or higher fees depending on complexity. We offer discounts for the purchase of multiple immigration or citizenship legal services.

Immigration Consultation (evaluation of personal or business immigration/citizenship situation, proposal of solutions, answering of client questions): $350 (will be credited towards purchase of other legal services). Can be conducted by Skype, telephone or in person.


Spousal Sponsorship Application (or other form of family class immigration) - $5,500

Federal Express Entry Application - $5,500 (fee only $1,500 for profile creation without invitation to apply)

Provincial Nominee Program Entrepreneur Class Application - $15,000


Visitor Visa Application - $2,500

Work Permit Application - $2,500

Study Permit Application - $2,500


Confirmation of Citizenship Application - $2,500

Renewal of Permanent Residence Card Application - $2,500

Residency Questionnaire Completion & Documentation Coordination for Citizenship or PR Card Renewal - $2,500


Criminal Rehabilitation Application - $4,500

Temporary Residence Permit Application - $4,500

Medical Inadmissibility Research & Submissions - $4,500


Judicial Review Leave Application to Federal Court (Mandamus/Certiorari/Appeal) - $5,000 (fee only applies to immigration or citizenship matters)

  • Many cases will settle after "leave" is granted to bring an application for Judicial Review before the Federal Court, in which case no additional legal fees will be charged.

Judicial Review Application to Federal Court After Leave is Granted (including Oral Argument) - $5,000 (fee only applies to immigration or citizenship matters, and assumes firm was already retained for leave application)

  • Should a case not settle after leave is granted, additional work will be required to perfect and argue the judicial review.

Appeal to Federal Court of Appeal or Supreme Court of Canada: Varies

Immigration and Refugee Board Hearing (Immigration Appeal Division) (including documentary evidence analysis & submission; caselaw development & submission; witness preparation; attendance, witness examination, & oral argument at hearing in either Montreal or Toronto) - $10,000

  • We will attend hearings in Vancouver or Calgary for an additional travel charge, though the IRB is moving towards a Skype hearing model where many hearings might be done by Skype or other remote video conferencing.