Fee Transparency

The firm prides itself on fee transparency. We know the last thing clients want is to be surprised by a statement of account. We only charge flat or block fees for our immigration, refugee and citizenship work because we believe they represents the best value to clients and give certainty to client budgets. There are no hourly drafting charges, and no per minute stopwatches ticking on phone or Skype calls. 

You'll usually receive a fee quote the same day you contact us. Price is directly related to volume and complexity of work.

Going before the Immigration and Refugee Board or Federal Court takes more time (and creates more paper) to persuasively argue your case than the solely written submissions involved in the initial immigration, refugee or citizenship application processes, thus leading to higher fees, but you won't pay any supplemental travel costs for us travelling to any hearing in Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto (the Eastern Canada hearing locations). Our offices are conveniently located between the three cities.


Aside from government application or court fee charges that you'll either pay directly or pay to us to pass on to the government, there are no "extra" charges above the fees we initially quote to you.

No charge for the coffee you drink at our office; no charge for the Canada Post stamp that mails off your application (yes, some places charge extra for both these things). 


We accept E-Money Transfers, Wire Transfers, Bank Drafts, Visa, MasterCard, Cash, and for ongoing clients personal/business cheques. Due to Law Society of Upper Canada regulations, we unfortunately can't accept PayPal. 

The fees you pay us are deposited into our trust account, and are held in trust for you until we complete sufficient work on your file to issue you an interim billing. The trust account is regulated by the Law Society and is insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation. And you only pay in Canadian dollars, which usually has a price advantage for overseas applicants over U.S. dollars. 


Our fees are all highly competitive based on value of services. You need to understand that not all immigration law fee quotes from different firms are created equally. Ultimately, what lawyers sell is highly skilled time, applied to assist you in your unique situation, based on their decades of training and experience.

An extremely low fee quote will generally mean that you are buying very little lawyer time to assist you, possibly only having a clerk work on your file, and even that clerk may spend very little time such that the unique challenges of your case might not be able to be adequately addressed within the time you have purchased. Sometimes, you might just be buying "form filling" which you could do as well yourself for free.

By comparison, our fees quotes are the lowest reasonable to fully address in our assessment each unique challenge in your case in order to maximize your prospects of success.

In considering whether to hire anyone to assist you with your immigration, and who to hire, you should consider:

1. Is the price of failure much higher that the legal fees and is the cost worth the benefit of knowing that your file is in good hands? We understand that immigration (both temporary and permanent) often involves years of time, energy and detailed plans making, where a simple application mistake could cost you considerable time and money.

2. Are you prepared to argued your own case in front of the Immigration & Refugee Board of Federal Court? There are complex rules of evidence and procedure. 

3. The Canadian immigration process is in a constant state of flux, with programs and forms constantly being created, cancelled and reformed.