A Refugee Appeal is Usually a Paper Process

A Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) appeal is usually a paper process, based on the record that was before the Refugee Protection Division. Appeals can be based on errors of fact, law, or mixed fact and law. You need to seek the RAD's permission to hold an oral hearing, and justify why such a hearing is needed. Likewise, you'll need to bring an application to admit fresh evidence if there are new facts you now wish to present to the RAD that weren't before the RPD. 

Because of the technical nature of appeals, using a lawyer to help you is even more vital than in a first level Refugee Protection Division Hearing. 

We Accept Ontario Legal Aid Certificates for Refugee Appeals in Eastern Ontario

We accept Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) certificates for rejected refugee claim appeals at the Refugee Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board if you made you claim in Ottawa or Eastern Ontario, as those claims will usually be heard in Montreal. LAO will generally not fund Eastern Ontario counsel to attend in Toronto for claims hearings, thus the geographic limitation.