Immigration Criminal Inadmissibility Rehabilitation Lawyer

Why Criminal Inadmissibility Problems Arise

Have you ever been convicted of a “criminal offence,” or an offence that even if it isn’t “criminal" in your own country might fall into the criminal category somewhere else? If so, you could have a criminal inadmissibility problem. 

For Canada, the problematic offences generally do NOT include driving offences, unless alcohol, death or serious injury to another was involved. They do include anything to do with drugs (even very small quantities of “soft” drugs), theft, fraud, dishonesty to law enforcement or the courts, and violence. 

How to Cure Criminal Inadmissibility

You may have already been “deemed rehabilitated” for Canadian immigration purposes if the crime(s) was minor and in the distant past. Or you might need to submit a formal application for rehabilitation.

You may need to gather criminal record checks from every place you have lived, as well as court records concerning every criminal incident.

An opinion from a foreign lawyer might even be required if there is debate over how to translate the offence you were convicted of to an equivalent offence in Canada, since offence severity has a significant impact on criminal inadmissibility immigration rehabilitation potential. 

You might ultimately need to proceed before the Immigration & Refugee Board or the Federal Court if you can't solve you criminal inadmissibility problems administratively with the government. 

The Firm's Qualifications to Solve Criminal Inadmissibility

The firm's managing lawyer has served as a Federal Crown Prosecutor, criminal defence counsel, and is the author of three criminal law books. He has practiced transnational criminal law with the Department of Justice, including conducting Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance proceedings on behalf of foreign states. He understands the challenges of attempting to match up two dissimilar criminal law systems.