immigration Financial Inadmissibility Lawyer

Although reliable stats are hard to pin down, financial inadmissibility may be the most common form of inadmissibility to Canada.

How Financial Inadmissibility Problems Arise

Do you have enough funds to support you while you are in Canada, or have you obtained work authorization to be able to earn funds while you are here? The government may demand you prove your source of support, or find you to be financially inadmissible. 

Those arriving on study permits can especially face tough financial scrutiny, given the relatively high cost of tuition expenses spread over many years and limited ability to work while studying. 

How to Cure Financial Inadmissibility Problems

You might need to produce bank account and investment statements, or even income tax returns from your home country in order to prove your ability to support yourself in Canada. If you are unable to convince the government of your financial means, you might need to proceed before the Federal Court seeking leave to bring a judicial review.

Like other forms of inadmissibility, financial inadmissibility is best cured through rigorous financial analysis combined with supporting documentary evidence. Sworn affidavits and certified document copies might be required.


Producing compelling banking and investment records, plus income tax returns, is likely the best way to prove sufficient finances or IRCC to accept entry into Canada.

Why Retain our Firm to Solve Your Financial Inadmissibility Issue

The firm has extensive experience with financial cases. We collaborate with banks, investment managers and clients to produce a compelling records of financial soundness, and then combine that with detailed written submissions to IRCC.