Immigration Misrepresentation Inadmissibility Lawyer

How do Misrepresentation Inadmissibility Problems Arise

Have you ever lied or made a misstatement at any time in dealing with the Government of Canada concerning your immigration? Even if you have been truthful, the government could still believe you are lying, or you might have inadvertently misstated something that you believed to be true at the time you said it. 

How to Cure Misstatement Inadmissibility Problems

You need to convince the government that you never really made a misstatement. You must gather together evidence (documents & perhaps affidavits from witnesses) proving that what you stated really is the truth. Or you must provide a compelling explanation for how you innocently made an earlier misstatement, believing it to be true. 

If you are unable to convince the government to change its views on your inadmissibility, you may need to proceed before the Immigration & Refugee Board or the Federal Court.