Immigration Security Inadmissibility Lawyer

How Security Inadmissibility Problems Arise

The government may have concluded from intelligence information it received that you are a security threat to Canada (or are connected to warcrimes). However, it's hard to know where the government received its information from, and how reliable that information might be. Even if the information is reliable, it could be a case of mistaken identity where you are being confused with someone else. 

How to Cure Security Inadmissibility Problems 

Security inadmissibility may be the most vexing of all inadmissibility problems to solve, because the government won't tell you what it knows. Just that it knows something. 

The firm employs a variety of Access to Information, negotiation and court-based tools that may be required to solve security inadmissibility problems. 

You might be able to convince the government to change its mind through compelling evidence your present, or you may need to proceed before the Immigration & Refugee Board or Federal Court. 

The Firm's Qualifications to Solve Security Inadmissibility

The firm's Managing Lawyer Gordon S. Campbell gained knowledge of the Government of Canada's security processes from previously serving up to an Executive level with many federal departments, including collaborating with the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) and Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSCE), acting as legal counsel to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, as serving as a Federal Crown Prosecutor.