We assist clients in claiming citizenship because either they or one of their parents were born in Canada, but often they've spent most or all of their lives living outside Canada. The government application fee for confirming citizenship at $75 is super cheap, but prior to retaining us our clients have often run into difficulties in securing citizenship confirmation, or because of misassumptions think that they can't confirm their citizenship. 

Common issues we see which lead to failed applications or failure to even submit an application:

  • not providing precisely the required documents IRCC requires, in exactly the right form;
  • not carefully filling out the required forms, answering every last detailed question and leaving no gaps in information - IRCC won't guess at what your really meant, won't hold your hand through the process, and won't accept forms that are 99% complete - the forms will all be sent back, sometimes again and again, until you get them right;
  • confusing inadmissibility problems that might prevent permanent residents from becoming citizens that don't apply when you're already a citizenship - there's almost nothing stopping citizens from obtaining confirmation, other than getting the paperwork right.