As a foreign national or Canadian permanent resident, you have a right to a hearing within 48 hours of being detained by the Canada Border Services Agency or as soon thereafter as possible.

The Three Reasons for Immigration Detention

The three reasons the CBSA may seek to detain you in custody are:

  1. you are a danger to the public;
  2. you are unlikely to show up for a hearing or removal from Canada;
  3. your identity has not been established but can be.

Why Detention Review is So Important

You've only got one shot at a hearing before an IRB hearing officer. If you lose, you could be stuck in detention for months or years, even if you've not done anything wrong. So being represented by a lawyer at your hearing, and assembling compelling evidence (people and documents) to support your release and counter any argument that may be raised by the CBSA is the key to your future.