Refugee Hearings are Like Mini-Trials

Refugee protection hearings are heard by the Refugee Protection Division Division of the IRB and usually last for about 1/2 a day. Live witnesses are called to testify and are cross-examined. Documentary exhibits will be presented as evidence. There are particular rules and procedures that are required to be followed. It is highly recommended that you have the assistance of a lawyer.  

Appealing a Failed Refugee Hearing Can Be Challenging

The rules have unfortunately become very complex over when a failed claim can be appealed to the Refugee Appeal Division of the IRB. If the RPD determines your claim has "no credible basis or is manifestly unfounded" or the Minister successfully applies to cease your refugee protection, you might have no option but to seek judicial review before the Federal Court in order to challenge a claim refusal.

We Accept Legal Aid Certificates for Refugee Claims in Eastern Ontario

We accept Legal Aid Ontario certificates for refugee claims at the Refugee Protection Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board if you made you claim in Ottawa or Eastern Ontario, as those claims will usually be heard in Montreal. LAO will generally not fund Eastern Ontario counsel to attend in Toronto for claims hearings, thus the geographic limitation.